Offer of employment

4 Junior Scientist (POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHERS) in Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacogenomics, Personalized and Precision Medicine, in Extremadura (Spain)

Executive Summary

[MedeA] «Applied Personalized Medicine System for Health Services»


The project for the clinical Implementation of Personalized Medicine in Health Services (Applied Personalized Medicine -MedeA-) consists of a program of health innovation that seeks the involvement of private companies using public procurement of innovation (CPI) to boost research, development and innovation in companies, within the frame of open innovation created by Extremadura Healthcare Services (SES) and the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MEIC).

The innovation consists of the promotion of the personalized drug prescription. For that purpose, data from genetic tests will be integrated with other relevant data for drug response (personal and family medical antecedents, as well as information from other analyses and factors). All this information will be used to develop computerized clinical decision support ICT tools to help in individualized drug prescribing. 

The project will generate a clinical decision support system for personalized drug prescribing based on learning algorithms to interpret all the above mentioned patient’s information. 

Additionally, this system will be applied to the research process of drugs (Clinical Trials), which it will allow to generate a strategy of individualized selection that prevents unnecessary risks and improves efficacy of the studies.

At the end of the project a Personalized Prescription System validated in “real world” clinical conditions in the SES will be available and connected to the electronic medical record prescription system (named JARA in SES). In order to achive this goal, innovation developped by companies will be needed in five Technological Challenges:

  1. Personalized drug prescription system
  2. Molecular laboratory (genetic biomarkers)
  3. Pharmacological and analytical laboratory (chemical and other type of biomarkers)
  4. Analysis in clinical setting and clinical trial units
  5. Tools for clinical evaluation and adverse drug reactions

In summary, MEDEA is a Project of Personalized/Precision Medicine that is patient-centered and uses genetic information together with other relevant for optimizing drug therapeutics during daily clinical practice. In other words, it is aimed at improving safety in drug therapeutics in real life clinical practice, when more than a drug is prescribed (polypharmacy) in people with more than a diagnosed disease (during polypathology).



Title: «[MedeA] «Applied Personalized Medicine System for Health Services»

Financial Suppport: Extremadura Healthcare Services (SES); Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MEIC); European Union FEDER (2014-2020).

Line: “FID-Fomento de la Innovación desde la Demanda y de la Compra Pública Innovadora (DGIC-004 Programa Operativo Crecimiento Inteligente del FEDER)” (Published, May 3th 2016).

Total budget: 5.465.747 Euros

Start date: November 29, 2017

Total period of the project: 4 years (2017-2021)

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