(Patients Centered Therapy)

The project Clinical Implementation of Personalized Medicine in Health Services (Personalized Medicine Applied-MedeA) consists of a health innovation program that seeks the involvement of private companies in its development, through the use of Innovative Public Procurement (IPP) as an instrument to promote R&D&I in companies and within the framework of the open innovation model promoted by the Extremadura Health Service (SES) and the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN).

Innovation consists of promoting individualised, patient-centred drug prescription. To this end, in addition to genetic analysis, other relevant data on the response to drugs (background, analytical data and other relevant factors) must be integrated. This set of information should serve to generate ICT support tools to help make decisions on individual drug prescription.

The project will generate a personalized prescription system that includes patient information to be interpreted in a decision algorithm, which will offer the best proposal among the possible ones. This system will also be applied to the clinical research process (clinical trials). This will make it possible to generate an individualized selection strategy, thus avoiding unnecessary risks and increasing the effectiveness of the studies.

At the end of the project, there will be a personalized Prescription System validated under real clinical conditions in the Extremadura Health System, with connection to the electronic prescription system (the Jara in the SES). This requires the development of business innovation in its various components, formulated in 4 Technological Challenges:

In summary, MedeA is a project of Personalized Medicine focused on the patient, which uses genetic information together with other relevant information, to optimize the prescription in usual conditions of clinical practice (polypharmacological and pluripathology).




The MedeA Project has been developed at CICAB, the Clinical Research Center of the Health Area of Badajoz of the SES, where the Pharmacogenetics and Personalized Medicine Unit has been created to coordinate the project, with a regional scope. The CICAB is part of the Extremadura Institute for Biosanitary Research (INUBE), where the project’s research team is integrated.


Título: «Sistema de Medicina Personalizada Aplicada-MEDEA»

Periodo total: 2017-2022

Total financiación:
5.465.747 €

Fechainicio: 29/11/ 2017

Periodo total:
5 años (2017-2022)


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